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Hezhou University

A Brief Introduction to Hezhou University :

   Founded in 1943,Hezhou University(hereinafter referred to as HZU) is a public, full-time and multi-discipline university authorized by the Ministry of Education, of the People's Republic of China. It is located in Hezhou City.a regional transportation hub in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, at the intersection of Guangxi with the provinces of Hunan and Guangdong.

  With its east and west campuses, HZU covers a surface area of 93 hectares(230 acres), of which 36 hectares(89 acres) are occupied by buildings. Both campuses are abundantly planted with evergreen trees, shrubs and grass to provide pleasant and beautiful surroundings. This has earned it an AAA National Tourist Attraction rating and accreditationas a Green University. Student facilities on the campuses include a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a fitness center, an arts performance center, and an innovation and business management centre.

  HZU has a rationally structured faculty consisting of 859 dedicated, top-class educators, of whom 576 are professional teachers, 210 are professors and associate professors, and 433 are doctoral and master degree holders. There are 39 undergraduate majors and 15 vocational qualification majors. The university caters for more than 11,758 students of whom 10,111 are undergraduate students, 1,545 are vocational students and 102 are foreign students.

  HZU is an important education base for teacher training in Guangxi. The university has a positive policy of ongoing reform and cultivation of applied talent. This involves the continuous nurturing of talent, updating and replacing curricula when needed and the provision of practical optional courses.

  HZU is also actively developing ongoing cooperation between industry and Education and between the University and Enterprise. In this connection, it has established a Practical Training Base for the Digital Media Industry Talent Program, an Incubatio Center for the Digital Media and the Phoenix Digital Media College in developing an industry and learning Enterprise. HZU also has cooperated with the Seentao Technology Corporation to found the Seentao Economy and Management College and the Seentao Technology innovation and Enterpreneurship College at HZU. The university has also jointly established a Catering Management College with the Guangdong Baoxian Group. In addition, HZU has established an incorporation and Creation Centre with the ZTE Corporation, and the ZTE Telecommunication Information College. Finally, HZU has founded the Oracle Talent Industry Base Hezhou Center, Guangxi Branch in association with the Guangxi Haiwen Information Technology Corporation.

                                                                                                  ( HZU-CAS Partial Scholarships Program from 2016-2020 )     

    HZU and CAS have established the cooperation since October 2016 to recruit at least 400 International students on partial scholarships from all over the world , these students will study Bachelor degree courses and Chinese language programs in HeZhou University.

   HZU has given the exclusive rights to CAS to recruit students from the countries of South Asia , Africa , Middle East and Central Asia. No other agency can get admission in HZU.

HZU offer partial scholarships in the programs listed below:

A- Bachelor Degree Programs( English Medium):

1- Software Engineering

2- Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation

3- Electrical Engineering and Automation

4- Electronic Information Engineering

5- International Economy and Trade

6- Financial Management

7- Accounting 


B- Chinese Language Courses:

1- One-Year Chinese Language Program

2- One-Semester Chinese Language Program.

3- HSK Preparation


Hezhou University(HZU) and CAS welcome more international Institutes/Organizations/Agents and Students for better Cooperation and Quality Education.  All nationalities are welcome to contact with us.

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Tel/WhatsApp: 0086-18624016307

Wechat /QQ: 2253960513

Wechat2: china-scholarships

Skype: studymechina

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China Climate

The climate in China varies from region to region since the country is massive! In the northeast the summers are hot and dry and the winters are freezing cold. The north and central regions have frequent bouts of rain coupled with hot summers and cold winters. In the southeast there is plenty of rainfall, semi-tropical summers and cool winters. Flooding can occur in the central, southern and western regions and the country in general can experience earthquakes.


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